This month's star is David Vercauteren

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is David Vercauteren. He joined Signpost in September 2023 and is now Chief of Staff for the Signpost Group.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
David: "Since September, I am the Chief of Staff for the Signpost Group. In general, the Chief of Staff serves as an advisor and right hand to the company's CEO and the executive committee aimed at supporting key strategic initiatives, helping with the structure and overall effectiveness of the company. Ongoing projects for our Hardware and Software entity are very varied: strategic thinking in our Field Service department, research for the international expansion,…

In this role, I have to collaborate with a lot of people. From our CEO to operational colleagues, HR, IT,… Which is what makes the role interesting & challenging and keeps you on your toes!"

What does your day look like?
David: "The variety of projects and needs of the business ensure that most days vary quite often. To give a flavour of the activities that happen throughout the day: gather data-driven insights, analyse internal data, research external information, create Excel or Power Bi models to bring everything together, prepare a slide deck for the board meeting, follow up on projects, …

Throwing in the urgent needs of the business, and I can guarantee that my expectations at the start of the day will look quite different from what was realised or what ended up on the To-Do list.

How did you end up working at Signpost?
David: "I was Chief of Staff at Sabena-Engineering when I was contacted by a recruiter about the opportunity at Signpost. Given my background as a computer science engineer (with an extra master's in General Management at Vlerick Business School), I was quite eager to go back to my roots.

Adding the social relevance of Signpost, I knew I couldn't resist answering the recruiter. The same evening that he texted me, I replied. After an interesting interviewing process where I got to know Arne and other people from the management team, the decision was made. It was a match on every level. And now, some weeks later, I got to know the entire Signpost team better. I can tell you that I didn't regret my decision at any point while I have been here!"

What are your interests besides work?
David: "The job, of course, takes up most of the time, creating added value to the business gives me so much energy. But it is always good to relax from time to time 😉 For me, that means hiking during the summer, skiing in the winter, and when there is not as much time, I can also enjoy a friendly match of tennis or cooking a nice dinner."

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