This month's star is Evi De Coene

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is Evi De Coene. She joined Academic Software in August 2019 and is now Purchasing and Invoicing Team Lead.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
Evi: "I am team lead of purchasing and invoicing, which is actually the inside sales department of software purchasing. Together with Karen and Pamela, we carry out a lot of work every day.

We work well together and it is great to team up with such strong women. There is a lot of trust in our team and we have a very good connection, so I enjoy coming to work every day."

What does your day look like?
Evi: "We always start with a coffee. Then I open the mailbox to see what tickets have come in. From there, we try to work in a structured way. This is easier to do at home than at the office. At the office, things very often come up and you have to be able to switch faster.

The tickets we receive mainly contain general questions about licensing problems, quotation requests and orders. On the basis of these questions, prices are requested, quotations are drawn up and, once approved, we prepare the invoices. We manage everything from request to final invoicing. Of course, we work very closely with finance for the follow-up of the margin analysis.

The best part of my job is solving a problem and the satisfaction it gives when that problem is dealt with smoothly. Thinking along with the customer and colleagues to get all kinds of things done and then receiving an email from a customer that he is satisfied, that makes my day."

How did you end up working at Signpost?
Evi: "About four years ago, I was no longer satisfied in my job. I was looking for more of a challenge and was actively searching for something else, ideally at an IT company, my first love 😉 That's how I bumped into a vacancy at Signpost for inside sales Hardware. I had my first interview with Benny and Sophie but unfortunately I was not selected at the time.

However, a few months later, I got a call from Signpost asking if I was still interested in a similar position. And so it happened. I instantly clicked with software. Meanwhile, I have been team lead for over a year and am still very happy here."

What are your interests besides work?
Evi: "Entertaining the kids takes up a very large part of my free time. Anouk and Aaron are now 10 and 7, so they still require quite a lot of time. I did start exercising again this summer. We set up a home gym, so I no longer have any excuse not to do it.

But apart from that, I really enjoy going out to restaurants, going away for the weekend, or meeting up with friends. Enjoying the little things in life, who could ask for more?"

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