This month's star is Maaike Ryckbosch

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is Maaike Ryckbosch. She joined Signpost in October 2021 as a BYOD Production Officer.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
For those who regularly pass by our warehouse at HQ Signpost or have attended our parties before, they will undoubtedly know Maaike. Maaike is our ever-smiling and eternally enthusiastic BYOD Production Officer. Together with her team, she turns the warehouse upside down.

What does your day look like?
Maaike: "As the Production teamlead, I am responsible for scheduling, coordinating and monitoring production at our HQ in Lokeren. Every day, we prepare 400 devices (which can amount to 1,000 devices per day in the peak season) for delivery to our customers. This involves unpacking the devices, labelling them, scanning them so they are visible in our online platform, providing Chromebooks with a Google licence, etc. Afterwards, we put them in a sleeve. This way, the devices are ready to ship and to use once they arrive at the schools.

My team includes a number of permanent colleagues, but depending on how busy it is, we are assisted by interim staff and/or job students. In addition, I work closely with my other colleagues from the Bring Your Own Device team. They are responsible for stock management, shipping, labels, database, etc.

I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and even though we plan well, you never really know what will come your way. I can confidently say that I don't have a boring job!"

How did you end up working at Signpost?
Maaike: "At the time, I ended up at Signpost through my father (Steven Ryckbosch), who also works here. Signpost was looking for students to help in the warehouse during the summer holidays. And I was looking for a summer job, a perfect match! After my studies in psychology, I started as the Production teamlead, in October 2021. As teamlead, my studies definitely come in handy. They help me in communication, in understanding team dynamics and in dealing with people.

I don't regret my choice to start working at Signpost at all. My summer job was so enjoyable that I didn't hesitate for a moment when this opportunity presented itself. When you get opportunities, you have to seize them!

My job gives me immense satisfaction. Organising, leading a team and great colleagues, what more could I wish for? We, at the BYOD team, are fixers and that's great."

What are your interests besides work?
Maaike: "In my spare time, I like to go out with friends. Going out together or having a drink gives me a lot of energy. You can also find me at the gym from time to time. Furthermore, I like to get creative: from drawing, calligraphy to reading and writing poetry myself. For the occasion, I will gladly share with you one of my own creations:

Point out Ursa Major to me
And I'll fall in love even more
Because I've been searching for it all my life
And participating seems like
The most intimate thing I can imagine"

Maaike Ryckbosch Signpost 1